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EllaOne (Ashamed) and Side Effects

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SpurOfMoment · 22/08/2021 16:17

I am a regular Mumsnetter, but I have name changed because quite honestly, I am ashamed of myself right now.

Last Thursday I was away for a night due to a hobby I do. I settled in my hotel room and someone I do the hobby with called me to see what I was up to because he was bored. I wouldn’t call him a friend as such, we are FB buddies (where he called me on) and say hi and stuff but nothing more than that.

I told him I was going to go and grab some food and he suggested that we went into the town. I agreed and he drove us both. To cut a long story short, we ended up having sex down a dark country lane against his car.

I am so ashamed of doing it, it’s just not me at all. Then to add insult to injury I had to go and get the morning after pill the day after that.

I took the pill yesterday and I’ve felt awful since. I am so bloated, my breasts are tender even if I brush past something, and I’ve got the headache from hell.

Anyone else who has taken it, did you have similar symptoms afterwards? The bloating happened by yesterday evening, the others this morning. I feel absolutely dire, emotionally too to be honest.

I can’t talk about this to anyone in real life and I didn’t know where else to turn. I feel like an absolute slapper

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SoupDragon · 22/08/2021 16:24

I cannot help you with your question but do stop beating yourself up about having a spontaneous one night stand! You are not a slapped at all. Flowers No man ever thinks this after a one night stand.

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