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CFGW Wales

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Staceym891 · 14/08/2021 13:02


Has anyone had any experience with the CFGW in Llantrisant? Would you be willing to share your experience?

My DH and I are ttc our second baby. We had a very positive experience and a successful transfer with WFI at the Heath however because of Covid and the backlog they aren’t currently taking private patients.

I have frozen embryos so will need these transferred from the Heath to CFGW does anyone know how this works?

When trying to conceive our first baby (it took us 6 years!) we had to have full IVF treatment and it’s all a bit of a blur if I’m being honest.

What is the procedure for FET? Is it just the pessaries to prepare the lining? I think the injections and other medication was for the egg retrieval but I could have mixed the two up!!

Any help would really be appreciated!
Thank you!!!

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