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Nexplanon removed and no period

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Zomilo · 05/08/2021 21:54

Hi all, so sorry if this has been asked a thousand times before but I was looking for some advice or to see if anyone else had a similar experience to me. I had my nexplanon implant removed in February (2021), after having it for 4 years, and was told that my normal cycle should return within a couple of weeks after removal. It’s now August and I still haven’t had a period. I spoke to my GP in May who told me that it’s considered ‘normal’ for anything up to 6 months to return to ‘normal’ cycles. For the last 2 weeks my breasts have been really tender and I have been having some mild cramping which feels almost like period cramps. I’ve also noticed that my skin is breaking out which is unusual for me. I have taken a pregnancy test to be on the safe side and that came back negative. I think I’ll book in to speak to my GP again soon, but was just wondering if anyone else had had a similar experience? TIA x

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