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Mirena Coil Pain- normal?

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CaptMorgan · 28/07/2021 22:13

I had the Mirena fitted about 6-8 weeks ago. Since then I've had pain in my right hand side, always in exactly the same spot. The pain never totally goes away, it reaches a real sharp, pinching pain that stops me in my tracks and takes my breath away or fades to a dull ache but is always there. There will be times when the sharp pinches are more often, often for a few days at a time, like now.
I called the clinic a week after I had it inserted due to this pain and they told me it was usual, but is it still normal after this long?! Or should I be concerned? If I press on any area of my abdomen the area with the stabbing pain hurts more, even if I press the other side.

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SmidgenofaPigeon · 28/07/2021 22:22

Well I’ll tell you my story- after an horrific insertion- I was left with pain like you describe. Felt like barbed wire, I went back and begged them to remove, they said to let it settle. Six months later I paid privately to have it looked at as GP wouldn’t do anything- it was in the wrong place, and it was embedded where it shouldn’t be. Had it removed on the NHS under anaesthetic but they wouldn’t have done anything if I’d not seen that private gynaecologist. Please don’t let your GP fob you off. It is NOT normal for it to be causing you pain.

wakinguptosunshine · 28/07/2021 22:43

I've had mine in for a few years and have never had pain. It certainly doesn't sound normal. The only pain was the period style cramping when they first Inserted it. I would get it checked out as soon as possible.

CaptMorgan · 29/07/2021 07:26

Thanks both. Will see if I can get it checked ASAP.

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CaptMorgan · 29/07/2021 17:33

Managed to speak to someone today from the contraception clinic who said she'll call back next week to arrange an ultrasound... although I'm not sure I can cope with this pain for that much longer!

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wakinguptosunshine · 29/07/2021 19:27

Have you tried calling your gp who might be able to refer you quicker?

CaptMorgan · 01/08/2021 22:40

I mentioned to a GP the other day who just said I should have it removed. 'If the pain has started after the coil then it's obviously not right for you, just have it removed' but I like everything else about it...

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