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6 days late after Ellaone

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Nam3chang3r31 · 20/06/2021 16:59

Please reassure me by tell me how late your periods were after taking Ellaone or similar. Currently 6 days late and no symptoms to suggest AF is on its way. I can usually tell the week before. I'm burying my head in the sand for now but guess I'll have to test soon.

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TheDamnFoolThatShotHim · 20/06/2021 17:23

This must be tough.

I do know it can mess with cycles a bit.
Do you know whether you took the MAP around the time you were due to ovulate? Not intending to worry you further, but I don't think it's well advertised enough that it only works if taken before ovulation.
If you think it's possible that you may have already ovulated before taking the MAP and pregnancy would be an issue for you, then I'd advise testing as soon as you feel able to. That way you'd give yourself maximum time to consider your options.

Nam3chang3r31 · 20/06/2021 17:28

Hey. I took it on day 7, I have a short cycle, 24 days usually. Now day 30 and nothing. I've never had a cycle more than 28 days. I'm hoping the MAP has just messed things up. Already have 3dc, a 4th isn't on the cards. The waiting and wondering is torture.

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