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Didn't feel pain when I got my copper coil fitted. Is this normal?

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Dazzband · 15/04/2021 14:14

Hi I got my copper coil fitted today, and felt nothing. Is this normal? I'm worried that maybe something is loose down there (or up there). I also heard the Dr and HCA whispering. I asked the Dr. If everything was OK and she said it was. However I know I heard her talking to the HCA in a low voice. I'm worried .....

OP posts:
ferretface · 15/04/2021 18:28

Have you had kids? That can affect how fitting goes.
I've just had my coil refitted after 10 years and the pain both times was similar to a smear test. I'm sure if there were something wrong the doctor would have asked you to make a follow up appointment or referred you to another service. They may just have been conferring about where the sanitary towels were, or impressed at your pain tolerance.

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