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At home termination help needed

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Anonymous354 · 25/03/2021 14:54

Found out this week I'm 5 weeks pregnant. We already have 2 children youngest under a year. So it's just not an option for us and mentally I couldn't cope. Contacted MSI straight away on Monday but had to wait until today for an appointment. I had made my mind up on surgical until I've just been told due to COVID you have to wait until your 10 weeks....there is no way I can do that.
I'm absolutely terrified about doing this at home. Please can people let me know there experiences in doing this recently. All I keep coming across is horror stories. I hoping as I'm very early on and have had 2 children it will not be as bad....but I'm absolutely terrified. I'm waiting for my next appointment to speak to a nurse , to hopefully go and collect the medication.

Help 😞

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adrien · 25/03/2021 14:56

I had a medical abortion at 6 weeks. It was essentially at home as I took the 4 tablets at the clinic then soon as they was dissolved, I was sent in a taxi home.

This was before I had children and I was quite shocked at how painful it was, as you get contractions etc and it does feel awful! But then the blood and clot etc passes then you feel fine.
If I was you, possibly wait till near the children's bedtime if possible?

I also had a surgical abortion after children, and your womb still contracts but didn't feel as bad, so I'm thinking as you've already had children, the pain actually might not be as intense as it was for me.

It only lasted a few hours though!

adrien · 25/03/2021 14:58

I think you will be fine, just try time taking the tablets in the evening I think x

scaevola · 25/03/2021 14:58

I hope you don't mind, but I reported your post to MNHQ to ask them to move this to the 'pregnancy choices' topic, where I think you'll find more posters with relevant experience/expertise

Anonymous354 · 25/03/2021 15:15

@adrien did you have any pain relief ? If so want did you take?

Did it just feel like contractions when in labour?

OP posts:
adrien · 25/03/2021 16:36

[quote Anonymous354]@adrien did you have any pain relief ? If so want did you take?

Did it just feel like contractions when in labour? [/quote]
I took some paracetamol that's it (I was a lot younger at the time and quite naive of what was going to happen)

It definitely feels like labour contractions but I am thinking at your gestation and having had children it will be okay and not as painful as anticipated. X

Anonymous354 · 25/03/2021 17:01

I really hope so thank you for your advise. I’ve got myself in a right state I’ve read some horror stories 🙈 I know it’s not going to be pleasant but just hoping it will be manageable.

OP posts:
Newq · 27/03/2021 19:24

I took first tablet in clinic. Any allergic reactions should show up within 20 minutes she said. So stayed there for at least that long. Was fine. Took next four at home at about 5pm hoping that it would all happen after the kids were in bed, which it did. Have had a few children and was just over six weeks. Was fine really just felt a real heavy tiredness and a bit crampy. Bleeding but nothing ridiculous. Bled for over four weeks afterwards though with retained products, which flooded out of me on a random day about four weeks after and took me to a and e. Was fine though thankfully.
Did prep for labour initially - breathing exercises, towels etc, phone to hand...
Good luck. Hope you have someone to call if you need to.

Anonymous354 · 29/03/2021 09:34

Thank you! I took first tablet on Saturday evening. 4 internal and 2 in the mouth last night. Woke up this morning only a spot of blood. But as I've started to move about it seems to be getting a little heavier. Fingers crossed it's over quickly. Thanks for your advise 🙂 up to yet it really hasn't been as bad as all the horror stories x

OP posts:
Anonh · 06/04/2021 19:52

I recently had medical abortion at home at 8 weeks
About 12 hours after taking the first pill i started with some light cramps and spotting. Then dissolved the second round of pills in my mouth 24 hours later at around 5pm. Made my mouth sore and wasnt the most pleasant. Within the hour cramping started and was managable. Within 2 hours cramping was becoming more and more and bleeding had started. Over the next 2 hours the cramping was very intense , hot water bottle and ibuprofen didnt seem to help. It was similar to labour contractions. I vomited during this time and had diaorhea. I had the urge to go the toilet around 9.30pm and im assuming i passed the pregnancy at this point as large gush, didnt see anything as just blood and mess. I felt a sense of relief after this although bleeding and cramping continued after this they did significantly die down. Im 4 days post abortion now. Bleeding is quite irregular sometimes heavy and clotting and sometimes not so heavy. Still having sporadic cramping. Pregnancy nausea subsided almost immediately although breasts are still sore.

Anonymous354 · 07/04/2021 10:52

@Anonh sorry you are going through this too. I’m a week and a half after. I had very little bleeding but then I was only 4 weeks. I went back to the clinic last Thursday for a scan and they said they couldn’t see any of the pregnancy so I must of passed it. They also did 2 tests that came back negative. Overall it wasn’t a pleasant experience for me the physical side of it wasn’t too bad (but I think this was down to how early I was) it was more the emotional side. I have really struggled. Not with my decision I was 100 percent I didn’t want anymore children. But more being scared of the process and only having my partner to talk too. Even though he’s been really supportive. I’ve still struggled. I feel like I ruined Easter for my family as I just lay on the sofa, sleeping and crying no energy to even go for a walk ...but now some normality is resuming I feel like I’m getting there each day. Hope you feel better soon x

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