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Mirena coil side effects

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Ifandbutts · 03/03/2021 22:41

I have had 120 days of non stop bleeding /spotting bar 10 in total . Hair loss , muted orgasms ,bloated ,sore breasts lack of libido irritable.
I swapped 2 days a month of flooding for this .
How long did your spotting last ? Would you give up at this stage ?
What works for you ?

OP posts:
Howdoin · 04/03/2021 15:45

9 long months I was spotting or bleeding.
I spoke to the nurse after 3 months, 6 months 8 months & the nurse kept saying ‘just give it a little more time to settle down’. When she finally agreed to remove it there were no appointments for another couple of months. I went to the Sexual health clinic and begged them to take it out. I had put on close to 2 stone as well at this point as well. Awful.

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