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PCOS TTC/fertility referral/pill to conceive advice?!

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matildaroach13 · 27/02/2021 00:50

Hi all,

This is my first post so apologies if I post in the wrong area etc.!

We have been TTC for a year now with no luck. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and put on the pill to help with symptoms. I came off the pill in March last year to start trying. Since trying to conceive I have been prescribed Metformin but no period and my dose was increased to the highest dose of 2000mg a day in November.

I am booked in to see my Endocrinologist again in April where he would like to put me on the pill to, in his words, "kick start" my periods again (if I haven't fallen pregnant by then). Has anyone had this "treatment" before?

My main question is, should I go back to my GP an ask for a fertility referral as well or does seeing an Endocrinologist count as "fertility treatment". I know the waiting lists can be quite long and just want to make sure I am ahead of the game whilst age is on my side...

Thank you for any advice you can give :)

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okokok000 · 27/02/2021 01:19

Unless the rules have changed, I think you have to have been trying for 2 years for a referral.

Are you overweight? I ask as getting to nearer a "normal" weight can help periods. It did for me.

matildaroach13 · 08/03/2021 16:04

@okokok000 I am not significantly overweight no (my BMI is 26 so technically 25 and over is overweight) I am fit and healthy. My pcos is more hair growth etc. I have been advised by local groups that it’s a year if you have a pre existing condition affecting fertility down where I live in the south. I just wasn’t sure if seeing a current endocrinology means you can’t get referred x

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