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Family planning

Family Planning and Anxiety Medication

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BronzyBaybee · 26/01/2021 23:44

Heyy, I'm new and in need of advice. I've been on and off citalopram for a few years. Been on constantly for nearly a year this time. Does anyone have experience when it comes to pregnancy and anxiety medication? I will be TTC soon but I'm nervous about coming off Citalopram incase I become an anxious mess again. What alternatives have you tried that's safe during pregnancy? How do I ease off of what I'm taking now? Any advice or experiences you wouldn't mind sharing would be appreciated.

I also get 12 weekly B12 injections due to deficiency. Has anyone been in the same boat? Do they continue during pregnancy? Anything I should know in relation to this would be appreciated.

Sorry I know it's a lot, late night thinking haha

TIA xx

OP posts:
rosydreams · 27/01/2021 09:18

i took a lower dose during pregnancy so it was hard not as hard as if i had gone cold turkey

scaevola · 27/01/2021 09:27

This is the contraception topic.

You might find posters with greater expertise with medications during pregnancy in the 'pregnancy' topic, or perhaps the 'mental health' one?

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