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Pregnant after Morning AFTER PILL?

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Carolhh · 08/01/2021 22:50

I've had to take this due to an accident. Took the Levogenestrel one, I hope thats spelled right. Had two days of bleeding a week later.

I heard lots of ladies still got pregnant with MAP, so just wondering if you also had the withdrawal bleeding?

I have the strange feeling it hasn't worked, should I start shopping baby clothes?? :-)

thank you

OP posts:
june2007 · 08/01/2021 22:55

Don,t remeber. No bleeding but did get pregnant.

Carolhh · 08/01/2021 22:58

oh thanks for commenting. i think baby clothes it is then....

OP posts:
june2007 · 08/01/2021 23:03

Well how a bout a pregnancy test first?

Changemaname1 · 08/01/2021 23:06

Yes I did . Mc though ( in no way related to taking morning after pill just one of those things ) it only works if u haven’t already ovulated .

Do a test

Minimonkeysmum · 08/01/2021 23:12

The morning after pill works by stopping or delaying ovulation, so if you've ovulated already unfortunately it won't work. Would that apply in your case? Info here:

Carolhh · 08/01/2021 23:15

I didn't ovulate yet if I count the days. but took it cuz sperm can live for 5ish days. MAP taken on 27th Nov. Can I take a test now?

OP posts:
Carolhh · 08/01/2021 23:16

so period is due around 17th Jan

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EachandEveryone · 08/01/2021 23:16


Carolhh · 08/01/2021 23:17

@Changemaname1 sorry to hear about that.

OP posts:
Carolhh · 08/01/2021 23:18

@EachandEveryone hahahha well spotted. I mean December

OP posts:
Theunamedcat · 08/01/2021 23:18

Yes she is 20 now

Carolhh · 08/01/2021 23:20

so any of you ladies did you also have the bleeding after a week? and still were pregnant?

do the test now or wait a bit its not even two weeks yet since taken MAP on 27th DEc ??

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Caesious · 08/01/2021 23:20

My MAP baby is 4 now and he is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me! I don’t remember any bleeding afterwards. I just felt poorly and awful a couple of weeks later so did a test and there it was. Hope everything works out for you!

Carolhh · 08/01/2021 23:24

no worries kids are too sweet. all of a sudden hoped I am pregant! I think that's a sign pill hasn't worked.

OP posts:
Theunamedcat · 08/01/2021 23:27

Yes I bled a lot then I felt fine went off alcohol thought it was weird cried because a football team won thought I hate fucking football took a test negative took another because I was feeling sick positive

Carolhh · 08/01/2021 23:58

OMG I feel a bit scared now, not lots. but if it is postive then its fine, better have before im too old. @Theunamedcat thanks for the info, i have felt a bit nausea too.

Why is there so much advice about this MAP if it isn't effective ?? so strange

OP posts:
Carolhh · 10/01/2021 21:54

thank you for the responses I'll do the test tomorrow

OP posts:
WonkyMumof2 · 09/05/2021 22:18

In a similar boat, wondering what the outcome was?
As I wait to test :)

DaveDave · 09/05/2021 22:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Missy36 · 18/06/2021 12:05

I have just found myself pregnant after taking the morning after pill. I was late but I knew it could make you late I was so emotional I done a test to put my mind at ease and got a pig fat positive.

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