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Implant removed 6 weeks ago no period!

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Luciemariee93 · 22/12/2020 07:31

Heyy. I had my implant removed 6 weeks ago (9Nov) had it in 3 years & wanted to ttc. I had break through bleeding 2 1/2 weeks after for 2 days then nothing since. Can someone give me some advice please??

I had to go on pill aswell when i had implant after a year because i started to constantly bleed but if i missed a day or 2 of that id have a peroid.

Thank you x

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LovingLivingLife · 22/12/2020 19:59

Hi it took a year for my body to get back on track (though I had been on the pill for 10 years). It will definitely take some time to get back to a normal rhythm so would suggest taking your mind off it for a little while if at all possible. Best of luck! ❤️

Luciemariee93 · 22/12/2020 20:55

thank you I will try my best x

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