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Family planning

What contraceptive is best?

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Courtney10891 · 28/11/2020 06:40

Hi ladies,

I have two young sons and I really do not want another baby any time soon. The problem is no matter what contraceptive pill I take they don't agree with me. I have extreme nausea and dizziness so I have to stop them. Has anybody else experienced this and what would you recommend? I've had the implant in my arm some years ago and even though it worked well I wasn't too keen on it and I had quite a horrible experience when they took it out my arm so it's put me off. Anybody got any advice??

OP posts:
Ohalrightthen · 28/11/2020 06:46

I similarly don't get on with hormonal contraception. The plan is when we're done having babies my husband will get the snip. Til then we use condoms.

Metallicalover · 28/11/2020 07:10

@Ohalrightthen I'm the same as you. I don't get on with hormonal contraceptives.

Sunflowergirl1 · 28/11/2020 07:34

Have a think about the Mirena coil? It gives a very low level of progesterone and I have no periods at all. Easy to put in and last 5 years.
My DH was going to have the snip until two friends had it done and ended up with real problems...the complication rate can be 10% and they ended up fairly poorly. Given this and another factor he has decided not to and given the Mirena is so good we will stick with that

Courtney10891 · 28/11/2020 08:02

Did the coil hurt when it was put in? Also you can't feel it or anything can you? I also have a problem with hormonal contraceptives x

OP posts:
FourPlatinumRings · 28/11/2020 08:05

There's the copper coil. No hormones in that.

Ifailed · 28/11/2020 08:18

If you don't want to become pregnant at the moment, but still want to have sex then you need to be doing it with someone who's had a vasectomy as it's the most efficient form of contraception.

scaevola · 28/11/2020 08:22

As you were OK with the implant, then chances are you'd be OK with a mirena. Or you could try a copper coil (no hormones)

Or you could look in to sterilisation if you're sure you're done

PinkPlantCase · 28/11/2020 08:24

The pill made me feel very sick for about 3 months but after that I was fine. At the time I was only about 19 and was being told by everyone that I had to put up with it - I probably wouldn’t now.

But equally I did find it to be reliable and once the first few months were over I didn’t have any side effects. So I am grateful that o stuck it out.

How long did you try it for OP?

passthemustard · 28/11/2020 08:32

I can't have any hormonal contraceptives they just don't agree with me and I suffer migraines so most wouldn't be prescribed anyway.

I had a copper coil. It's the most brilliant thing. Long lasting and you have your normal cycle, no hormones. If you've had kids it won't be painful to have put in but will be uncomfortable briefly.

Downside is heavier bleeding for the first day or two of period but I take TXA for first three days every month and with that the bleeding is less than a normal period.

I'm hoping to be sterilised after this baby is born but if they won't do that I'll get another copper coil.

My 19yr old DD has a copper coil too as she is very sensitive to the hormones too. I think it's a much underrated piece of contraception

Courtney10891 · 28/11/2020 08:32

No sterilisation is not an option because I do want more children. I was fine with the implant literally had no problems it was lovely. I just didn't like the fact that sometimes I could feel it in my arm that's why I don't know if I would be ok with coil? I've heard during sex sometimes you can feel it or is that wrong? I was taking the pill and was fine for like a month but then started getting severe nausea and after about 3 weeks I gave up x

OP posts:
passthemustard · 28/11/2020 08:34

I couldn't feel the coil at all. No pain during sex or anything. It was marvellous.

I also conceived straight away after having it removed.

lorisparkle · 28/11/2020 08:38

I have the mirena coil and whilst I did have problems when it was inserted (I have only ever had c-sections) once it is in I have never had any problems. Never noticed it at all. If you have given birth naturally you should not have problems inserting it. It also means I have not had a proper period for 5 years!!!

Ohalrightthen · 28/11/2020 09:13

The coil lasts 5+ years so i wouldn't go for that if you want more kids before then. That's the reason i don't have it.

Also, if your issue with the implant was that you didn't like having something in your arm, I'd imagine you'd be really freaked out by having something in your womb!

Id go for condoms, and a vasectomy for your DP when you're done with kids if i were you, least invasive and zero side effects for you.

sofiaaaaaa · 28/11/2020 09:17

I’m on the contraceptive injection. It’s essentially perfect aside from two issues:

  • You may experience bleeding as your body adjusts (I had a 3 month long “period”!)

  • It takes time for you to be able to conceive again. I have heard a year but have no personal experience as I’m not trying.

Otherwise it’s great. No other side effects, no faffing, the injection is not painful etc.
Courtney10891 · 28/11/2020 10:11

But you can have the coil removed before 5 years if you want to can't you??

OP posts:
Ohalrightthen · 28/11/2020 11:12


But you can have the coil removed before 5 years if you want to can't you??

You can, but it can be a huge faff getting the appointment before your "due" date (according to a friend of mine) and it's a bit of a waste of NHS time and money if you're only gonna have it for a year or two when it's good for 5, as well as being a real pain in the vag for you.

Before i had kids, i had a conversation with my GP about contraception, she suggested the coil but asked me if i was thinking about kids in the next five years, when i said yes she said "OK we wouldn't put you forward for that then" so it may not be an option for you. Might depend on trust.
FourPlatinumRings · 28/11/2020 11:15


But you can have the coil removed before 5 years if you want to can't you??

I've seen loads of poats on here where women wanting removal have been fobbed off and ended up having to threaten to remove it themselves (I've read some reports of people actually following through with this threat in desperation). And some couldn't even get them removed at their due date during lockdown and ended up being prescribed pills on top.
PinkPlantCase · 28/11/2020 11:27

The progesterone only pill might work for you OP

passthemustard · 28/11/2020 14:05

@Courtney10891 I had mine removed after 2 years when I wanted to TTC

Sunflowergirl1 · 29/11/2020 03:59

They are fine removing it early...of course not sensible to have one if thinking of the next year or so. I read of some people having some delays having removed at the start of Covid but not recently

Can you feel it? my DH cant. Works great as no way after we decided no vasectomy would we want to use condoms. Whilst they work for some, sorry but it just feel anywhere near as nice as well as spontaneous

Tickly · 29/11/2020 05:00

I've had a Mirena having had a bad experience with the implant and being crap with the pill. It was fantastic. Hormones are localised so I didn't feel any of the side effects of the implant. Plus no periods which was a huge bonus. I've never felt it unless u have been checking to make sure I can still feel the strings are there (which they recommend you do intermittently).
I got mine out early - there was no issue for this. I just went to my local drop in family planning clinic. They are putting in my next one in a couple of weeks now we are done having kids.
I hadn't heard of anyone having issues getting them out before so perhaps have the chat before it goes in? Incidentally getting a fitting appointment is a bit of a wait here currently as they closed during the first lock down so there is a backlog.

LemonDrizzles · 29/11/2020 05:08

Copper coil has no hormones. I had mine for a year then took it out to start for dc2. Had dc2 and it's back in again. You can have it for less than five years

frosted232 · 29/11/2020 05:18

I have the copper coil and it's been fantastic for me. I had trouble with the mini pill, mood swings, weight gain and terrible skin to name a few problems. My doctor told me that the mirena coil probably wasn't the best choice for me due to the hormones being the same as the mini pill so I went for the copper coil instead. Getting it fitted wasn't half as bad as I expected and I wish I'd never put it off due to being scared because it wasn't that bad, I had a few cramps afterwards but nothing major. My family and close friends have all noticed a difference in me since I stopped hormonal contraception and I have noticed it myself, I feel so much happier. As for removal if you want another baby it's not a problem, I have lots of friends who've had both types of coil and had them removed no problem when they've asked.

Kwiregirl · 05/12/2020 14:20

Another vote for condoms - they have worked well for us. Just buy the big packs from Boots.

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