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WARNING graphic photo trigger warning

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Banwell32 · 02/10/2020 13:03

So been on the pill for on month and this come out of me this morning not sure if I'm having a miscarriage or not awaiting the doctor to phone has anyone had this before proper freaked out!!

WARNING graphic photo trigger warning
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Banwell32 · 02/10/2020 13:07

To add I started bleeding two days before my seven day break and this would be the Second day

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bingsulaflop · 02/10/2020 13:14

I didn't want to read and run but it may possibly be normal (I would probably get checked out just to be sure) but there is a name someone may be able to help me out with that the lining sheds of your womb and it's quite a large chunk that is left on the pad or paper..
I'm so sorry I don't know the name of it exactly x

bingsulaflop · 02/10/2020 13:15

Just googled and it's called a decidual cast .. it may well be that x

Banwell32 · 02/10/2020 13:31

Thank you I will have a look now x

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Banwell32 · 02/10/2020 16:45

Quick update spoke to a doctor he said to do a pregancy test if postive its likely im having a miscarriage if not then its my untrus lining shedding will get one in the morning

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Bekshay91 · 14/10/2020 17:24

Did you keep what you passed or did you dispose of it?

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