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Jaydess - to remove or not

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[AUTO]hl57qkdekehld · 03/08/2020 15:17

Hi there

I had the Jaydess fitted last October after trying so many different types of pill that just didn't agree with me (migraines with Dianette, acne with Yasmin and recurrent thrush with both, it was hell). I had been putting off getting the Jaydess but finally bit the bullet and got it. Insertion was painful but quick, I couldn't believe how fast it was. Pain was the strangest thing ever (I have never given birth before so the sensation was very new to me!). Was like a really intense period cramp for about 30 seconds. Afterwards I was pretty useless for the following week and a half and relied on my other half to feed me the strong painkillers and bring me endless hot water bottles. I instantly felt bloated and this has not gone away despite having it in for 10 months at this stage.

The pros of Jaydess for me are that I didn't experience any acne, it's great that my other half and I can be spontaneous with no risk of pregnancy as we would like to enjoy just being the two of us for at least another year.

However, I've had it in 10 months and 2 weeks out of every month I have period symptoms. I always feel very low in the couple of days coming up to my period. The cramps have definitely lessened as the months have went on but they were very intense around my period dates up until a couple of months ago (I had to take a day off work each month as I just couldn't sit in an office, the pain and winceful stabbing pains were severe). Even now to get me through my period I have to take strong painkillers every few hours and if I miss one I notice the pain. Outside of my period dates I get the odd random strong cramp, not ideal when you're standing in a queue in a shop and you feel like you've been kicked internally (sorry if TMI lol).

I also feel like my libido has definitely been affected and the week before my period I am anxious and irritable (My other half has been a saint to put up with the moodswings).

I have also put on almost one stone of weight since getting the Jaydess (mostly my breasts which are ginormous - both a pro and a con) but the bloatedness is horrible and constant. I have never put on weight before, I don't think my diet has changed so it is definitely the Jaydess.

I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience and how they felt if they removed the Jaydess and went back to using condoms? Did weight and mood return to normal for those who removed the Jaydess?We are planning on starting to try for our first baby end of next year so I'm toying with removing the Jaydess and just using condoms until then.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

Thanks xx

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