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ILoveAnAgathaChristieMurder · 02/08/2020 16:07

Hello, I'm looking to have some help tracking my cycles. I've been 27/28 days for a few months. I'm using natural planning method and it's worked fine. I already have 2 DS' and it wouldn't be end of the world to get pregnant just not right now hence using this method.

My issue is this month on CD 22 I started getting some spotting only on the tissue nothing on pants. This continued everyday literally a little bit on tissue until CD 27 where I had a proper period for 1 day. Then next day back to spotting. Day after nothing.

I started a new diet workout regime 2 months ago and wondered is that what caused this month but not last month to go a bit weird?

I need to know when to log my CD1. What do you think?

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