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Please please help me understand MAP!

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PracticalMagic111 · 18/07/2020 18:41

I took the MAP at the end of April after a condom breakage. I took about 2 hours after this occurring.
Since then Iv been feeling "off", Iv had abdominal pain, cramping, and exhaustion.
Since then my bleeds have been consistent but so light and only lasting 2 days max.
I have taken a pregnancy test every couple of weeks since this (probably around 6 now) and all come up negative. But I still feel "odd".
I have now read that I should have taken 2 pills as I am 14 stone but annoyingly was only advised to take one by the pharmasist at the time.
Am I being paranoid in not trusting the pregnancy tests?
Should I take it that I'm not pregnant or could I still be and it just wouldn't show?

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PracticalMagic111 · 18/07/2020 21:31

Please, I would be thankful for any help!

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Brusselsprouts21 · 19/07/2020 02:33

Is there any other reasons for the abdominal pains or exhaustion that spring to mind? I always had negatives with certain tests (clear blue) always got the results with first response. I think if you were pregnant you would have had a positive by now though. Keep an eye on it and see if it triggers at certain times. Also contact your GP who will talk with you over the phone and help you from there.

PracticalMagic111 · 19/07/2020 13:05

@Brusselsprouts21 thank you so much for replying, I appreciate it.
I contacted my GP a few weeks ago regarding the abdominal pain, blood test picked up on under active thyroid which I'm taking medication for, I can see the link with the UAT with exhaustion but I'm still confused my the discomfort in my stomach. It feels so strange (tingling, numb and aching) and so bloated and also my light periods.
I took a First Response about 2 weeks ago which showed negative, I agree with you that surely it would show up positive by now if I was but for some reason I still feel I'd be one of the minority who always get negative tests. I think I'm being over paranoid. I'm literally driving myself mad.

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Brusselsprouts21 · 20/07/2020 02:07

I would speak to your GP again and tell your GP that the pain isn't subsiding and describe the tingling and numb feeling. It could be the medication your are on is causing some constipation. That can create the tingling sensation but I'm not your GP so i wouldn't know, just a guess. I would also mention to your GP about the light periods and about the pregnancy tests as all symptoms could be linked and they would be more likely to find a reason if they know exactly what is going on. It's easy to say but try not to worry and drink lots of water which will calm your stomach. I hope you feel better soon

PracticalMagic111 · 20/07/2020 19:27

@Brusselsprouts21 thank you again for replying :)
I know I just sound so paranoid but all of this has just come from no where, I have always suffered with kidney problems but this feels much different.
I have another blood test tomorrow so will speak to the nurse and then get further advice from my GP.
I'm sorry for sounding so panicked I was just so desperate for answers and Iv felt awful about contacting the doctors lately due to the pandenic. I'm an over thinker!

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