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Bleeding getting longer and heavier on mirena

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VenetoResident · 16/07/2020 22:38

My mirena is due out by October. I'm starting to get heavier and longer periods than I did a couple of years ago.

Is this a sign the coil isn't working so well? Getting pg would not be good.

Also is it better to have it taken out during a period? I need to get a smear done too but that needs to be done whilst I'm not bleeding.

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CatToddlerUprising · 16/07/2020 22:47

I just had a similar thing. Four years in the coil with no periods, period pain etc, then a couple of months ago long heavy painful periods. I had it taken out this week.

VenetoResident · 16/07/2020 22:53

Did you have a replacement?

OP posts:
CatToddlerUprising · 17/07/2020 07:04

I decided not too. After 16 years of being on the pill and then the coil, I wanted a break from it. My GP said it sounded like the hormone was running out.

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