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Could this be the copper coil?

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Sueaxlbrick · 06/07/2020 08:19

I have had a coil in place for 4.5 years now and for the last year or so have had increasing symptoms at different times of the month.

My periods are heavier but not to the point of being worrying however the period pains are much worse than ever. Around ovulation I will get severe cramps on one side, to the point where I can't stand up straight, and these will last for hours. I get nausea and what feel like Braxton hicks type tightenings around this time too.

It feels like every 2 weeks I am going through cramps, nausea, tightenings, stomach upsets and the heavier periods. I have just turned 40 so wondering if this could just be my age or whether anyone else has had similar with a coil. Not sure if the Dr will remove at the moment due to the current situation but I am overdue a smear test so wonder whether I could book this and ask for removal then?

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thisstooshallpass · 12/07/2020 14:39

I had similar symptoms. I had very heavy periods but they only lasted a couple of days and also awful stomach cramps.

I had it removed due to other complications. Now I'm on the pill and that's not really working for me either?!

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