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Mirena and needing to wee all the time!

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NakedMum33and3rd · 13/06/2020 08:03

I had the mirena first time round after the birth of DS2 in 2014. It was fine at the beginning and I generally loved it. Had no side effects and hardly bled at all. Then after about 6 months I felt like I constantly needed to pee. I went to the doctors to check for infection and was all clear.
I decided to remove the mirena as I had a feeling it was that. Once it was removed I was fine again.

Anyway, after the birth of DS3 I spoke to my gp about my mirena experiences and she said it must have not been fitted correctly.
So I had another one inserted and I am now 7 months in and guess what... for the past month the peeing is awful. I'm getting up about 4 times in the night just to pee!

Did anyone else have similar experiences?

This is the only contraception that I actually get on with (apart from the peeing).

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NakedMum33and3rd · 13/06/2020 14:35

Bump anyone?

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Nicp1971 · 03/03/2021 19:33

Yes! I had one years before and I don't remember this as a side effect...I had another fitted on Friday and was up three times last night and need to pee often during the day. Obvious not a common side effect, but I'm sure it's the mirena coil...

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