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Tissue passed during bleeding pic invluding

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sarashjane1 · 03/05/2020 21:40

Im on the contreceptive pill and started my 7 day break 3 or 4 days ago. I just started the withdrawal bleed it is very brown and incredibly light upon wiping I noticed this very strange solid tissue like lump.

Is it possibly a miscarriage?

Tissue passed during bleeding pic invluding
OP posts:
mintchick · 07/05/2020 21:45

Op how are you? I had something very similar quite a few years ago. Doctors wouldn't say whether it was miscarriage or not. Hope you're ok.

sarashjane1 · 07/05/2020 22:19

Hi mintchick I'm ok thanks just not really sure what to think as people have suggested it may be a decidual cya but it does seem a different colour to all the other pictures on here.
May i ask did you have any symptoms I felt perfectly fine I've had mood swings and headaches no stomache pains or bleeding just a incredibly light withdrawal bleed from the pill break

OP posts:
maverick03 · 23/03/2023 01:21

did you ever find out what this was? something similar just happened to me and i’m a little freaked out about it

Scaevola · 30/03/2023 21:39

This is the contraception topic @maverick03 and will probably be overlooked here.

You might get more replies if you start your own thread in a more appropriate topic such as "women's health"

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