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Stomach twinges for days but no period

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jwjna · 02/04/2020 11:30

I've been experience stomach twinges for 5 days now. On and off tiny stabbing pains. Tender breasts as normal. I'm due on today, or at some point in the next 48 hours. I've been screwing because this twinges seem odd. I usually get 1 day of them and it goes, then I come on. I'm usually very light, 2 days max, stomach cramps for 15 mins. Nothing else suggests I'm pregnant. We use condoms. Had sex 3 times since my last period. Two of those were foreplay and he removed himself well before anything happened as I continued with foreplay on him for 10mins after. I always check the condoms after. He does too. Any ideas. Am I just screwing because we are locked up and not as distracted as much. Am I stressed and I don't know about it. Timing would be wrong me for, wedding in August if it doesn't get cancelled, currently renovating a house and he's just started up a business so it's my teaching wage only. Yeh I'm obsessing over these twinges.

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