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Will they still be doing emergency IUDs during this lockdown and if so how do I get one?

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Krisskrosskiss · 29/03/2020 12:16

Have taken the morning after pill... 10 hours after. Stil worried because I've taken it once before in my life and I've got a 5 year old son to show for that... so ideally I'd like to get the coil... but I dont know if they are doing them right now? Or where to go or who to ring? Should I go back and ask in the pharmacy?
I'm so stressed I'm really panicking I cant have a baby right now...

Before anyone has a go at me I was having sex with my husband who is also the father of my 5yo and my 1yo and we were using a condom but somehow it came off during and he didnt notice so right at the end we dont think it was on... I react badly to hormonal contraception and I used to ahve the coil but it twisted and injured me and I had to have it removed... I'll get it again tho it's better than being pregnant

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MiniJellyBeans · 30/03/2020 16:29

Hi Krisskross
Yes emergency IUDs are still available during the lockdown. Your best bet is probably to contact your local sexual health clinic in the first instance.
Feel free to PM me if you need more information.

Krisskrosskiss · 02/04/2020 17:09

I contacted my local sexual health clinic and my gp and both said they had been advised not to fit emergency IUDs at this time.... I'm praying the morning after pill has worked... I've got a pregnancy test to take in a week... I'm trying to be positive but I am very scared tbh.

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AGoodDay · 07/04/2020 18:23

You can ask if your gp would refer you to gyne at the hospital for one or try a further away sexual health clinic. I wouldn't mention map as they then might not count it as emergency contraception.

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