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Another sodding Mirena thread...

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YoureAllABunchOfBastards · 03/03/2020 20:33

Ten days in

Bled pretty much constantly, but rather than usual heavy clots it's quite thin and watery blood. Enough to need a pad and to change it every three - four hours

Moods all over the place. Anxiety massively heightened

More or less constant headache, with some really bad episodes

Cramps and uncomfortable aching stomach

Massive zit forming on my nose

Today, weeing a lot more than usual and uncomfortable feeling in between

Please tell me a) it gets better and b) this is normal? I'm paranoid about it falling out although it was a challenge to get in. And I can't check strings because I am fat and inflexible and quite honestly can't reach...

OP posts:
Whathewhatnow · 04/03/2020 18:18

Re the string checking... have you tried bearing down (like doing a big poo)..? If you've had kids this will probably result in your cervix coming down a little ... same prob here.

Re the bleeding, zits, anxiety, moodiness, yep. My experience too. Also was a but sore for about 10 days but that's gone now. No pain on urination though. I think I'd get it checked out on that basis.

Whathewhatnow · 04/03/2020 18:18

Bit sore. Not but sore. That is something different!

Justmuddlingalong · 04/03/2020 18:21

I found it horrendous. Loads of horrible side effects and bled for 11 months straight until the doctor agreed it wasn't for everyone and removed it. You either love or hate the mirena coil. I hated it.

RandomMess · 04/03/2020 18:25

I bled for 6 months then just got monthly bleeds/periods, string irritated me so felt like I had thrush. Was very happy to have it removed!

Whathewhatnow · 04/03/2020 18:26

I've also got really painful boobs.

For clarity I have the Kyleena and not mirena, which is supposed to be lower dose and less prone to issues.... errr.

MotherForkinShirtBalls · 04/03/2020 18:39

Re the weeing and pain in between, any chance you're ovulating? It's a main ovulation "symptom" for me and much more noticeable since I got the merina in.

Whathewhatnow · 04/03/2020 22:51

I really think you should see the GP, OP. could be the coil, could be something totally unrelated. Like a UTI especially if you have been having unbridled passion because of said coil

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