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Upping doses ? Elleste Solo

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DollyPartons · 13/02/2020 15:11

I'm really hoping someone can help. I had total hysterectomy 6 months ago due to beach blessing, fibroids. Before the op, gyne said he would take ovaries, but I'd said to leave them as I was afraid I'd go full pelt into the change (already experiencing few perimenapause).

My symptoms are insomnia, increase in appetite -so 2 stone weight gain , energyless and low mood. Thyroid is fine. Breast tenderness and gone up 3 cup sizes. I was given Elleste solo 1mg. Stuck with it for 3 months, no difference . Gp says he will up to 2mg. Has anyone found that the increase will work or should I pursue a different type of hrt?

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