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Pink discharge a week after sex

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helpmyhead · 23/12/2019 11:53

I've got a copper coil in and have had it for two years now. Pretty good so far, my periods are fairly regular every three weeks ish and heavy for about three days then I'm done. Best contraception I've had so far. However I've woken up this morning and had almost what I can describe as a gush of pink watery discharge and still pink while I'm wiping. I had my period that finished last Friday and had sex on the Saturday night and Sunday morning a few hours later though he didn't cum in me. The only other fine I've had this kind of bleed in between periods was an implantation bleed when I was pregnant the last tine. I couldn't be pregnant on the copper coil could I? What else could it be?

OP posts:
ffswhatnext · 23/12/2019 11:57

No contraception is 100%. A friend of mine is currently pregnant even though she's had the coil in for around 4 years.

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