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What is going on?

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SamTask · 24/11/2019 19:15

Hi girls, I've recently had some weird light yellow discharge, then earlier I felt something 'come out'. I went to the toilet & there was a streak of light orangey coloured blood. What is going on? Sorry for the graphic image! I did a pregnancy test last week & it was negative but I looked the next day when taking out the rubbish & it had a faint line. I am putting it down to evaporation. I have since done another pregnancy test & it was negative. I have a vague ache in my lower back & occasional twinges of pain in left side of stomach & have been sick once the other night with no explanation as to why? Please can someone advise.

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LizzeyBenett · 30/11/2019 19:08

I don't want to scar you but you need to see a doctor it could be a range of things from some kind of infection to an atopic pregnancy that's worst case scenario so don't stress but the pain would maybe be a sign of infection as well as weird colour discharge get it checked sooner rather than later

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