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Family planning

Zika And holiday

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beelzeboob · 15/10/2019 01:06

Ok I’m having a slight panic. Me and DP are going to the Caribbean on Thursday for 10 days and it suddenly occurred to me to check what the Zika situation is. Turns out it’s set as risk though no current outbreak.
We’ve been ttc. I’ve just read we have to wait 3 months from when we come back!!!
This holiday is a paid for holiday with family.

OP posts:
GlitterSparkle85 · 15/10/2019 12:55

Yeh we were in same boat decided not to make a trip as it takes a long time to get outta your system-longer for males apparently so we thought holiday can wait..but if you've already paid for it I'd consider waiting a while before you etc

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