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Desogestrel Pill - does the bleeding ever stops ?

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Gargamel1975 · 18/09/2019 17:00

I have just started my 3rd lot of pills - I’m bleeding 10 days in row then stop for a week then bleeding again for 10 days. Is it supposed to last ? Thank you :!

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SheeshazAZ09 · 18/09/2019 17:01

Read Dr Ellen Grant's book, The Bitter Pill. You can get used copies on Amazon. It's educational.

Gargamel1975 · 18/09/2019 17:05

I’m taking it because I have pmdd :( nothing else works

OP posts:
SoftScooped · 18/09/2019 17:28

I was started on this last august. GP said about intermittent bleeding, but I havent had any since the first week taking them. I do get cramps now and again though.

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