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Copper coil, having period whilst EBF 6 month old

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DigiSam · 16/08/2019 21:44

So my question is essentially that.

I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 6 month old. I had a copper coil put in 2 months ago. I bled a little after insertion but yesterday I started having a "proper" period.

It's just that I wasn't expecting to have periods whilst breastfeeding. Has anyone been in a similar situation, i.e. periods starting whilst EBF +_ coil in place.


OP posts:
Padiana · 17/08/2019 09:12

I didn't have a coil but with both EBF DC my periods returned naturally around 5 months after giving birth - ie. probably at the point of peak milk output.
I continued breastfeeding - and having periods for another 18 months in both cases - as I weaned them. We used condoms for the time being.
I don't think it's that unusual for your period to return when you're still breastfeeding, coil or no coil.

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