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Mirena Coil overdue to come out

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mrsdarcey78 · 11/06/2019 16:51

Hi I have had the coil in for nearly 7 years. I have been single and divorced for 5 years so it has slipped my mind to have it taken out. In the past 2 months, I have had a abdominal ultrasound, all normal, pelvic ultrasound, all normal, collapsed right follicle (showed released egg). smear test normal. pelvic ultrasound showed coil in place. since January I have had a couple of days a month of light brown spotting. I am 40. Since I had the coil put in, nearly 7 years ago my periods totally stopped. Could this be as the coil is overdue to come out?. Has anyone else had this at all?. As I say the smear test and ultrasound was normal so I don't think it is anything "sinister". Thanks for any help. x

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TheLovleyChebbyMcGee · 11/06/2019 16:57

I'm sure they should be replaced every 5 years, so I'd say yes, it's overdue!

DramaAlpaca · 11/06/2019 16:59

Yes, the hormones only last for five years so that's probably the reason.

GlamGiraffe · 11/06/2019 16:59

I've not had this issue but if I recall that's how long the hormone emits for continuously then the level drops. Which would account for startingtocspit or bikes a bit again. The coil can stay in longer than the time period they give you as its licensed to be left in longer in other countries that in gyn said not to worry about rushing to get it taken out but the first sign would be bleeding recommencing. You're probably due for a replacement and can have a quick check up at the same time.

mrsdarcey78 · 11/06/2019 18:50

Thank you. The GP here does not take them out so will have to go to the family planning clinic I think. I was just concerned as it was brown spotting, not red. I had my smear test 6 weeks ago that was normal. the pelvic scan a month ago and that was normal. If it lasts more then 2 days I will go and see GP I think just to check. I haven't had a period in this time, apart from this spotting that started around 6 months ago a couple of days a month. I don't know if it could be the perimenapause maybe (not sure how to spell it!). Or the coil hormones coming to a end x

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