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Jaydess/ Skyla 3 week Review - Positive/ Honest

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Beth2822 · 01/05/2019 14:06

So I wanted to do a review of my first few weeks with the coil IUS Jaydess (UK) I think in the US it is called Skyla?!
I decided to try out the coil as the combined pill was giving me awfull mood swings and constant thrush! I had been on the pill about 11 years (I am now 27 no children) for years I was on Mercilon with no issue at all untill one day my doctors put me on Gederel (I presume the cheaper version) and the mood swings started! I changed to Cilest about a year ago with no issues, I lost a lot of water retention weight but unfortunately the thrush started and came back every single month! So I decided in March that it was time to try something different - In the UK you have to get Jaydess on prescription so my doctor did that for me and I went and collected it. Unfortunately in this time I was worrying so much about the horror stories that I read that I was close to cancelling all together. However on the 11th April I went ahead and got it fitted!!
I took the Ibuprofen before that everyone recommends but I will say it hurts! Only for like a few seconds, and as my sister said, what is pain anyway, nothing bad will happen! It is like a very strong period pain that comes on and off for about 30 seconds - a minute max! Once in, they let you lay down for a bit. That night I was uncomfortable and the next day I took a hot water bottle to work. The first couple of days I had some cramping but not really any bleeding. I was advised to carry my pill on to ensure I didnt ovulate in the first week (I was on my pill free week when I had the coil fitted). So I think the pill stopped any side affects for a week. Then I came off the pill.. and the period started. I have had a period for about 4 days VERY heavy but only with pads (you cant use tampons for the first month) I am still spotting now nearly a week later but the bleeding has definitely eased and so has the tummy cramps! I have checked for the string maybe once a week, so maybe 3/4 times now. Once it was not there at all but when I checked the next day it was back.
Symptoms so far - yes spotting and a period but nothing that can't be handled, I wear a panty liner most days although the last two days I havnt had too. I would say the belly ache is a little dull ache for a while, head aches I have had a couple but I think that might be coming off the pill. I think Jaydess has the least amount of hormones of all conttraception and I feel great!!! I have never felt so happy, care free, I always thought I was an anxious person I have not felt anxious once in the last 3 weeks. I am back in the gym, and have definitely noticed some weight loss which may be water retention. Just generally feel a much happier person. Touch wood, no changes in my skin currently.
Negatives - I have taken ibuprofen for most of the last 3 weeks because of the dull belly ache, I would say how heavy the period was I was shocked after 11 years of no periods or very light ones I was not happy! I would also say the thrush is back and I am being treated by my GP I would definitely like that to go!! Bloating as well has been a bit annoying, I have defintely noticed a more bloated tummy but hoping that settles.
For me I am happy with the experience so far just keeping my fingers crossed for more positives. I have read ALOT of negative reviews which scared me so much - everyone is so different so do what feels right for you. I would definitely say if your contraception is not working for you try something else, it seems so scary but for how much happier I feel it is worth it. Just wanting to try and give an honest/ positive review as there is so much scariness out there!!!

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HannahBanana1 · 29/05/2019 19:09

Hi Beth,
Thank you for this review! All I've seen are horror stories so it's a relief to see this Smile

I've been on the mini-pill for a month and my mood is really low, so I'm keen to try something like this as apparently less of the hormone reaches your system than with the pill...?

I know everyone is different, but did you find the hormones better than with the pill?

Thank you again!


Beth2822 · 29/05/2019 19:47

Hi Hannah

Thank you! Hope this helps :) Hormones are such an issue for me too and I’ve not found anything too bad from the IUD apparently the Jaydess has like 13 mg of hormone, mirena 30mg and the pill much much more than that! (I think that’s right) and it stays local so doesn’t enter your blood stream (again I’ve heard this from most people including my GP) - I know all people are different but I’d 100% give it a go I wish I’d done it sooner! I’m now 8/9 weeks on and I’ve had one period and nothing since, I’m going to the doctors to ask about this next week! (If I’m pregnant I will retract all my positive thoughts!) maybe speak to your doctor about options?


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