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Nexplanon implant almost breaking thru skin

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smurfy2015 · 25/04/2019 17:12

Hi all. 1st time over in this section so please bear with me.

I got the Nexplanon implant fitted on Thursday afternoon of last week.

The local anaesthetic helped until Thursday night and then the stabbing pain when I moved my arm kicked in, localised to the implant area. OK, I know my arm will see it as a foreign body so can allow for that.

I kept it covered and dry for the recommended time of 3 days as per clinics instructions, however in the past number of days as I am currently bedbound since Monday and when my arm lies flat on the bed (so the bottom side of my arm touching the bed), it feels like its poking out.

Further investigations show a small bit of yellow pus at the site where it went in, but its the other end is the problem that's where the stabbing pain is when it touches anything. There is a slight protrusion with a small white swelling around it, it's very tender to touch and still very black/ light yellow bruising at that end.

I can't get a good photo although have tried, I am waiting for a friend to call in to take the pics as cant get the angle. I intend to email to family planning service however if offered an appointment with them I know it will be weeks possibly months away from experience.

I have contacted my GP surgery who won't look at it cos the implants are contracted out locally to a GP in the local health centre so they don't really know about them.

The health centre doesn't want to know unless the GP refers and their wait list for the next implant clinic doesnt open until next Thursday morning on the phone lines and the average wait is 3-4 weeks to be seen. But if the GP referral isn't there by Thursday morning they cant allocate an appointment then even for weeks away as need the referral first.

Things have come to a point (literally) this afternoon as the white swollen end which is protruding stabbed me the worst it has been.

I have tried contacted my local Family Planning clinic to get advice, however, I have missed the times for phone calls for this week, 10am-12pm and 2-4pm Monday to Thursday is when they take phone calls and it was almost 3.30pm when I started phoning but it just rings out and finally cuts off. When a friend takes the pics, I plan on sending an email to explain what is going on and see if they can help.

I don't know what to do at this point, I don't even know what I want to happen, it shouldn't be poking me so much and with yellow pus and white swelling but no walk in centres to go to and A&E isn't a real option as they couldn't do anything either so would be a waste of their time.

The only thing which is helping it slightly is compression and keeping it up in the air literally.

Has similar happened to anyone else or do you have any advice? Thanks in advance.

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smurfy2015 · 27/04/2019 18:29

Got an appointment for next week for family planning to see whats going on, they looked at the pics with the swelling and pus and are seeing me at first opportunity

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