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Finding out I'm pregnant at 35 weeks

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sam659 · 25/04/2019 09:56

Hi, I only found out I'm pregnant three weeks ago due to no visible bump or what I considered as symptoms. I'm 38 weeks atm. I never thought this could be me as I was always skeptical of these stories and thought how could you not know. My anxiety is thought the roof as I've taking no pre natal vitamins and I've been drinking alcohol almost the entire pregnancy. I've probably drink a bottle of wine every Saturday night. I'm terrified I've caused Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. All is measured correctly on my scan but I'm still up the walls. Can anyone offer advice please

OP posts:
Happyspud · 25/04/2019 10:01

Hang in there. I’d say it’s very likely everything is absolutely fine. Nobody took vitamins till recently and honestly by baby 4 (even baby 2) I was not arsed with them at all beyond a hit and miss dash of folic acid the first few months which you’d know by now if the reason for the folic acid was a problem so vitamins are an absolute non issue. As for the wine, well, some people drink a bottle a day and get away with it. I think as long as it wasn’t continuous level of drunk over most days it’s more than likely fine.

IceBearRocks · 25/04/2019 10:05

I didn't find out until 26 weeks and had been on holiday in Dominican Republic all exclusive....we paraglider, scuba diver ..... Don't worry...mine is fine! He has high functioning autism but that runs in our family !

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