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Possibly pregnant 6 months after c section

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Summerdeakin · 21/04/2019 16:43

Ok so I'm 3/4 days late(not done a test) I have had yesterday what I can only describe as like labour cramps in my lower right side of my stomach/womb area it lasted an hour then went today feel tender and hurts when I cough ect I'm worried cause I had a c section 6 months ago and of I am pregnant could this be a sign of complications or normal pains due to c section scar tissues ect

OP posts:
legalseagull · 16/05/2019 22:21

I was pregnant 6 months after my csection. I believe the risk of rupture is only when the uterus is actually being stretched at its largest, so not until late pregnancy and even then the chance is 0.01%

legalseagull · 16/05/2019 22:21

Ah, just saw the date of your post. Hopefully it's past now!

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