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Mirena Coil removal

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Rachypoos2201 · 16/04/2019 19:52

I have never done this before.
Sorry for the long post.
Thanks to this site I found a forum about the mirena coil yesterday😀
I am so happy to find that many women were suffering like me and that I wasn't going crazy! I had mine removed this morning, was quick and ok but felt quite faint for a while!
I have persevered for ten months, yes shorter period ( as I suffered with very bad ones ) but.....
When it was inserted I had just lost 2.7 stone and I banged that back on rapidly, & suffers heart palpitations, panic attacks, swollen fingers, water retention, nasty horrible moods which I have NEVER suffered from, my boobs hurt so much I felt like chopping them off. So it's gone. I have weighed myself today and hope the weight comes off again as with the mirena I was doing weight watchers madly and very rarely lost weight. This coil is pure evil, if you're looking for advice as to whether to have I would say no to everyone!!
The point to my post is, has anyone else had huge weight gain and what happened after removal and if so how long did it start to make you feel normal again?
Thank you.

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zinrepus · 01/05/2019 13:42

I had some fairly serious weight gain, but that was probably exacerbated by lifestyle changes. I had horrible anxiety and depression (also made worse by previous employers). It wasn't like it was removed and I was 100% immediately, but things improved gradually. Again, getting it removed isn't a silver bullet, but I went from feeling like I do on my most hormonal days about 90% of the time know...only on my most hormal days. :-)

Rachypoos2201 · 01/05/2019 19:09

Thankyou, I am steadily loosing a bit, feeling sooooo much better and it's only two weeks! X

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