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Can't take my ideal contraception, none others seem to work for me!

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moscovv · 15/04/2019 11:26

Hi, first post, joined cause I'm desperate for advice!
So I was perfectly happy on Microgynon for a couple of years, would have stayed on it until I wanted to have kids if I could have. Sadly someone in my very immediate family had a stroke (fortunately all ok now). Cause that meant I now had a family history of clots, I was made to come off Microgynon because of the raised risk of clots with combined hormones and was put on to Cerazette.

Cerazette was awful for me - while I had no period which was nice , it made my anxiety awful (was already bad anyway), sex drive vanished, and there were suspicions for a while that I had an ovarian cyst caused by Cerazette. This turned out not to be the case, but it all put me right off Cerazette. We just used condoms for a few months and my mood and drive improved and my period was fine, but after a few expensive trips to the pharmacy for the emergency pill after condoms came off, we decided we needed something more long term and more reliable. So I went for the copper coil seeing as I was told I couldn't have combined hormones and cerazette ie progesterone, made me sad and worried all the time. Insertion was fine, and the first few weeks also were fine, no spotting or anything.

WELL, I've got my first copper coil period at the moment and I've flooded through pads in less than an hour, soaked through pyjamas and through to sheets. Am not at work at the moment but am back to it in a few weeks and I couldn't deal with this while working all day. I've tried taking Ibroprufen as I read it can lessen the flow and that's helped a bit, but surely it's not good to be taking it for like a week every month? I'm worried as well that with this level of blood loss I'll get anaemia, I've been taking iron tablets in case. I have a moon cup but I was told not to use it for the first coil period, and have had conflicting advice on whether I can for future ones or not, if I could use it it would make things slightly better but either way, this is just insane. Cramps are also worse than I've had before.

I'd go for a Mirena if I was allowed, sexual health clinic nurse said it would be ok cause the hormones are smaller doses and more localised but my GP previously said that cause of my history it would be wise to avoid hormones, hence why I played it safe and went for copper. I'm really hoping that periods improve on the copper coil as it would be ideal otherwise and I love it when I'm not on my period, but what else can I use? I cannot deal with periods like this for the next decade!

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moscovv · 15/04/2019 11:53

oh also, this first coil period has come on about 5 days early, which is quite unusual for me, is it a problem?

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MrMeeseekscando · 15/04/2019 11:58

The first one is awful, it improves!
Please do a search for mirena coil before committing. If you get anxious on cerazette it may not do you any favours. The hormones are NOT localised despite what they would have you believe.

moscovv · 15/04/2019 12:15

Thanks MrMeeseekscando, I was worried that it would be the case that the hormones weren't as localised as they said.

I really really hope you're right and it improves, my periods were always pretty light and painfree so this is a big shock to me. I've got my 6 week check in a couple of weeks so I'll tell the nurse then, but I expect she'll either say stick it out or try and get me to change to Mirena, which doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

Up until the period I have been so happy with the copper coil, insertion was absolutely fine, didn't even feel it go in, had virtually no spotting or pain, so I really want to stick with it if I can.

Did you find it got better by the second one or should I give it a longer time (6 months or so?)

Worried about staining chairs and things like that! Nurse said no moon cup at least for the first period, is the second ok to use it tho?

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MrMeeseekscando · 15/04/2019 13:02

Mine got better with the second one. I've had mine nearly a year and although my periods are heavier than they were, they arent horrific.
Unfortunately I didnt get on very well post coil with my mooncup. I tried it though and you might be just fine, a lot of people are.
It's all down to the individual though.

Namechangedcositstime · 15/04/2019 15:55

I am just onto my second copper coil period. It's much better than the first. The first one was 5 days early and pretty bad but this one seems much more like my previous periods.

Good luck!

moscovv · 15/04/2019 16:40

Thanks Namechangedcositstime, that's reassuring. Fingers crossed I get the same!

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ImHastingsDarling · 15/04/2019 16:59

I got completely fed up with all contraception and am now tracking my fertility (temp etc) and using a diaphragm on fertiles days.
Not many gum clinics will fit a diaphragm for you nowadays but I did some research and found a one size fits all one from Amazon called Maya. Really recommend. I feel so liberated knowing I'm not putting unnecessary hormones/drugs/coils in my body and so far so good (ie. no baby scares after 2yrs only using this "method")

moscovv · 15/04/2019 23:30

ImHastingsDarling the temperature tracking method is something I'd be interested in, but in a few years as I would be so worried about doing it wrong and at the moment if I got pregnant that would be a disaster. But definitely something to look in to when it wouldn't be so much of a problem.

I'll stick with the coil for now, it seems like it should start to get better soon...I hope! thanks everyone

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moscovv · 20/05/2019 12:49

just to update, like everyone said, the second period is so much better. still not as light as mine were pre-coil but way way better than the first

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