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Caya Diaphragm

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MrsDrSheldonCooper · 24/03/2019 13:03

Hi everyone. I've been looking at the Caya diaphragm online and would welcome any feedback on it from those who have used it. Any threads I've found are on the diaphragm in general and are years old so I hoped there may be more recent anecdotes on the Caya itself. It seems to be my only option just now as any hormonal contraception is out (suicidal thoughts etc, no matter the type of pill/ implant/ depo), seemingly I'm allergic to any and all types of condom (plus we hate using them in general), a gynae condition has ruled out the copper coil and my husband and I are both on waiting lists for sterilisation (not going anywhere fast). I'm in my late 30s and I always tolerated the pill fine until I had the first of our 2 children. I hadn't considered a diaphragm, it never seemed to be 'in fashion' and has never been offered by our local family planning centre, but the new style Caya seems to offer plenty of pros. I suppose I'm just asking for some success stories before I go ahead and commit to it!

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PatrickMerricksGoshawk · 27/03/2019 23:17

I have one; I can’t compare with the older ones as haven’t tried them. I found it easy to put it and get out (past tense as used it before ttc). Wasn’t massively keen on the gel that goes with it - I got the Contragel, which is meant to work as a spermicide without any actual spermicide in it - you can decide how you feel about that! Anyway, the gel smells kind of vanilla-y, which I didn’t love. But DH wasn’t bothered. I could occasionally hear it “clicking” during sex, which was slightly off-putting. Again, DH claims not to have noticed! We used it in combination with condoms, but theoretically diaphragm + spermicide should be adequate. You need to get the fit checked at the family planning clinic.

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