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Implant out

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Kdewey90 · 05/03/2019 15:12

Hi I've had the implant in for nearly 6 years an want to come off it all together as hubby having the snip !! How did you feel in yourself after having it out ? Any side effects ?? Good the bad and ugly ?

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stuckinthemiddlewithpooh · 06/03/2019 12:16

I've just had mine out due to it causing problems and my husband has had the snip and is waiting the all clear. I've had it out for a week now, and I still have pain in my arm from it, but it's healed and has no sign of infection. I'm still having pain and spotting after sex, which the implant caused. However the doctor has said it will take up to 3 months for everything to go back to normal. I've just done some research on the implant and found out that the original implanon I had was replaced by the nextplano last year, because 600 out of 1000 using it became pregnant, and many more had problems with it getting lost and turning up it strange places in their bodies. So it was replaced with one containing barium to find it easier should it migrate. I've had pain in my arm and womb for 2 years since the nexplanon went in. I'm writing here because the doctor didn't seem to listen and spoke over me. She didn't seem to care that it effected me and I can't find anywhere to report to side effects or complain about it.

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