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Depo to pill? Losing weight for wedding, what is best pill?

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jwjna · 16/02/2019 14:17

I've only just discovered that the depo has had a massive impact on my weight. Had it for years and never really noticed an impact but this time I just assumed it was happy weight. It's not. Use to be 8.7 stone, I'm not 10.7 after two years being on it. Its 18 months to my wedding, I need my old weight back. I eat very healthy and very little and it barely changes the dials on the scales. Before, same eating habits maybe worst and more booze, and I was 9 stone maintaining.

Any recommendations for what pill to take. Never tried it before. Implant isn't an option anymore for me. I want minimal side effects as I've never suffered pmt. No side effects on the depo, had a very happy life and health being on depo and implant. I'm 33, school teacher and love fuss free. Thank you ladies for helping me. Jen

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