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Microgynon making me emotional tried lots of others 😫

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Henryandzacsmummy · 31/01/2019 21:11

I’ve been taking microgynon as it seemed to be the only pill in the past that suited. However I’m not certain it is working this time. I’m emotional, angry and I suffer from GAD which has been fine for many months and has flared up again and I’m a bit of a mess. I’m sure it’s the hormones, I can be fine in the morning and a different person in the afternoon plus my libido has vanished ! I’ve tried Cerazette, marvelon, levonel in the past and all seem to have the same effect. Husband can’t get on with condoms 🙄 and I cannot face the coil (silly I know but it triggers my anxiety thinking about it being ‘there’). I’m at my wits end as to what else to try. Anyone else had anxiety/depression and on a pill that doesn’t make it worse or kill your libido?

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