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Birth control

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Holds1 · 23/01/2019 12:08

Hi all
I am wanting advice on birth control.

I used to take the combined pill. I think it was ridgevidon. This gave me absolutely horrendous headaches three weeks of the month to the point I was prescribed codeine as nothing else touched them.

I came off it as we were trying to conceive and luckily six months after I stopped taking it I got pregnant.

After the birth of my son we just didn't really use anything till I was about five days late and that scared us into using birth control again.

I went to the doctor and asked about the implant. I was told they didn't offer that at my clinic and would have to go to the birth control clinic to get this done but they would insist on this being in for a minimum of six months so if it was not suitable then I would have to put up with it.

She talked me in to the progesterone only pill and prescribed cerelle.

I haven't even been taking it a month but I had a bleed after 18 days from my last period which was not heavy but lasted a week. I have had hunger like I have never known before. I will eat and then five minutes later I'm starving again. It's got to the point now where I am waking in the middle of the night with severe stomach pains from the hunger.

We did the deed last night after after not being able to for the last week due to bleeding and I have noticed this morning the bleeding may be starting again.

I will see if it does start as I wanted to try and use the three month supply before going back and saying it is not suitable.

My question is what does everyone use?

I don't really want the coil and we are too lazy for condoms. They sort of kill the mood.

Should I ask for a different brand of the progesterone only pill or are they all the same.

Does the implant use exactly the same hormones as the pill or should I try this.

Does the combined pill have different brands that may not give me the headaches

Sorry for so many questions and the long post but I just feel if I am going to spend most of the month bleeding on the pill I may as will just use nothing and just never have sex because it amounts to the same outcome

OP posts:
Honey2468 · 28/01/2019 21:11

If the implant doesn’t work for you they will refuse to take it out. Worst year of my life. So worth thinking about! I had terrible headaches on microgynin, rigyvidon and millinete. Couldn’t do anything. But Cilest is totally fine so yes, a different combined pill might not cause headaches. There are loads of different brands with different versions of progesterone,
Hope this helps

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