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Micronor / Noriday question

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blondeemily · 22/12/2018 23:31

I have been on Micronor / Noriday for 5 years (switched to Noriday when Micronor was discontinued). I have not had a period in that time, not even the slightest of spotting. My friend asked whether it worries me that I don't have a period each month, thus confirming I'm not pregnant. I don't worry because I'm very good at taking my pill everyday and on time, and I kind of figured that if I'm not having periods that means I'm not ovulating. So surely it's not possible to get pregnant? Am I correct in thinking this?

OP posts:
strong80 · 22/12/2018 23:34

I can’t answer your question but i’ve also not had a period since switching to Noriday. My doctor said it was quite normal

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