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Coil partially come out by itself

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derikthesheep · 18/12/2018 18:47

I don't know what to do. Had a copper coil for 4 years now never had any issues. Just noticed strings coming out of me and checked internally and I can feel the whole coil right at the top. It seems to have mostly come out and is stuck in the top of my vagina, with a small part still in the top (my cervix?). I don't know what to do! Is this something that needs sorting ASAP because the cervix is open so could be open to infection ? I'm not on my period or due a period so literally no reason for it to come out. I've tried checking the NHS website and other medical sites to see if they have any recommendations and literally can't find anything. Any help or advice? Trying not to panic!

OP posts:
italiancortado · 18/12/2018 18:47

Call 111?

Go to A&E?

italiancortado · 18/12/2018 18:48

I would probably just pull it out but absolutely do not recommend that. Just call and see what they say.

Do you have minor injuries or walk in centres? I always forget about them as we haven't got them

ViragoKnows · 18/12/2018 18:51

Grab the atrings and give it a tug. They fold as they come out.

ViragoKnows · 18/12/2018 18:52

(I couldn't be doing with OOH at this time of year.)

Bringbackthestripes · 18/12/2018 18:54

Local family planning clinic? Or OOH?

Bringbackthestripes · 18/12/2018 18:56
derikthesheep · 18/12/2018 18:58

So I gave it a tug and it really hurt. Feels a bit stuck. Don't want to call 111 due to past not so great experiences. I don't want to waste a and e time if it's not necessary but I'm a bit scared.

I checked local sexual health clinics and no walk ins at this time.

Feeling a bit shaky but think it's just because I got a bit of a shock

OP posts:
ViragoKnows · 18/12/2018 19:00

You’ll meed an out of hours appointment then. Look on your GP’s surgery website to see what the OOH arrangements are.

Can you drive?

derikthesheep · 18/12/2018 19:03

I can drive but will see if can get a babysitter and get DH to drive because it's wet and freezing and poorly lit up here and feeling shaky.

Just checked the out of hours service and to access it I have to call 111 anyway, so I'll go through them.

Thank you all

OP posts:
WilburforceRaven · 18/12/2018 19:11

I think you need to go to the walk in clinic at A&E. Hope you are getting some help.

derikthesheep · 18/12/2018 19:19

Spoken to 111 who are getting ooh doctors to call back. Actually was a really nice person on the other end. Still feeling very shaky.

OP posts:
ViragoKnows · 18/12/2018 19:23

Have some sweet tea and some painkillers.

derikthesheep · 18/12/2018 20:48

Ooh said go to a and e to sort so I'm going now. Thanks everyone for your advice. I've calmed down now!

OP posts:
EdgesWedges · 18/12/2018 20:53

Hope your ok and seen quickly

DocusDiplo · 18/12/2018 20:57


derikthesheep · 19/12/2018 02:15

Just been seen. Coming back for a scan tomorrow as they couldn't sort it.

OP posts:
ViragoKnows · 19/12/2018 07:48

Is it hurting?

ViragoKnows · 19/12/2018 08:08

I hope they deal with it quickly this morning anyway.

derikthesheep · 19/12/2018 16:39

Sorted! It came out on its own last night after I got home.Took the MAP just in case and called the hospital this morning and they cancelled the scan. No idea why it happened! Bit bizarre after 4 years but at least it's out now and I'll sort temp contraception in the meantime.
Thank you all for your advice last night!

OP posts:
DocusDiplo · 20/12/2018 15:27


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