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Mirena out tomorrow

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pinkcanary33 · 17/12/2018 09:23

Hi I have booked to have my coil out tomorrow after nearly 2 years.
It has been good HOWEVER I get very very bloated and wonder if the coil is contributing to it.
I am not sure if I want another baby in the future (have two boys). Quite often I think I do but then sometimes just want to get back working and doing things for me.
I have nearly cancelled a few times as the thought of condoms forever is well... a passion killer! Haha! (Can't go on the pill as migraines)
Has anyone else had IBS and thought the coil made it better/worse?
I'm SO indecisive!!!!

OP posts:
Honey2468 · 21/12/2018 13:17

Can you not take mini pills? I was always told it doesn’t matter if you have migraines and take these

iamaswashbuckler · 21/12/2018 13:33

I had mine out for this reason too and definitely noticed a difference!

Lonecatwithkitten · 27/12/2018 21:10

I never understand the suggestion of switching to mini pill which is between 30-350 much of progestin a day where as Mirena is 20mcg progestin a day. If you get hormone based side effects you will get them with the mini pill.

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