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Missed one mini pill

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Flutterbyx303 · 29/10/2018 10:00


I currently take norgeston and last night (sunday) I found out I had used up all the pills in the pack and had no more. The last time I had sex with my boyfriend was Friday night after I took a pill. We dont use condoms. I took a pill again on the Saturday night but we didnt have sex then Sunday as I said I didnt take the pill but no sex. I have now a prescription for the pill and will collect it later today so I plan on taking it as soon as I get it then again tonight at the normal time.

My question is do I have to wait two days to have sex again or do I have to use emergency contraception as I had sex on the friday and as sperm can live for up to five days thus meaning i could conceive as a result of not taking the pill sunday?

Hope that makes sense!

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