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Mirena coil and weight gain??

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mumofnat · 23/10/2018 19:25

Hi all,
I was just wanting to get some advice from anyone who has had the Mirena coil. After having my daughter 10 months ago, I was asked about contraception. I decided to go on the pill but it made me really nauseous, so that stopped.

I then went with the coil, I decided on the Mirena as I didn't have regular periods before my daughter for as long as I could remember, so not having them every month didn't bother me.

Whilst my exercise levels aren't what they were before my daughter (I worked in face to face customer service so was walking quite a lot) I do still make time for the gym on average 3 times a week since having her. My husband is a personal trainer too, so I definitely know what I'm doing in that aspect. My diet also isn't as great as it used to be, but I don't binge.

Despite all this, since having the coil I have put on a stone, I had lost nearly all my baby weight before having it inserted (about 6lb off my pre-baby weight). I'm nearly weighing as much as I did at 8 months pregnant.

Could this be down to the coil? Or should I just be really strict on my diet? I'm unsure what to do and not sure how comfortable I am with it now. I've had the coil in for about 6 months now.

I'm not bothered about weighing more than my pre-baby weight it's just I don't want to gain anymore weight and would ideally like to loose some.

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