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Period on mirena

3 replies

candlefloozy · 25/09/2018 15:30

I've had one fitted for over 18 months. Never had any problems. I spotted for the first few months then nothing since. A few days ago I started spotting and it's still light but got heavier?! Why is this happening now??

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Lonecatwithkitten · 25/09/2018 16:30

Intermittent periods are not uncommon, mine never stopped and I have intermittent ones sometimes heavy, sometimes spotting. Had Mirena for 2 years now.

candlefloozy · 25/09/2018 16:43

@Lonecatwithkitten thanks for reply. It's so annoying. I haven't had anything for ages and then suddenly this and a lovely hormonal headache which has lasted for days now!!

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JKCR2017 · 27/09/2018 19:36

I am wondering the same. Had mine for 12 months or so. Didn’t have periods for 10 months but now I’ve had two in the last 2 months!! 🤔

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