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Family planning

Does anyone use the natural cycle method

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mrssunshinexxx · 29/08/2018 07:25

If so do you recommend ( to prevent pregnancy)

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astoundedgoat · 29/08/2018 07:29

If you do it properly - and I mean really properly with the full Taking charge of your Fertility method AND it's okay if you do end up getting pregnant then yes.

We did it for 2 years successfully and I am pretty fertile, but I have regular cycles and we did all the temping, cervical fluid, charting etc.

BestBeforeYesterday · 29/08/2018 07:41

I don't recommend an app because it costs money and charting your cycle is super easy. I have been using the symptothermal method for a decade with pen and paper, no accidents. I definitely recommend it, BUT you need to have a minimum of self-discipline - you need to check your cervical mucus and temperature every day for at least two weeks during each cycle. If you use condoms during your fertile period, or if you haven't taken your temperature for a few days and need to use condoms, you need to use them properly. Withdrawing is not a form of contraception!
Happy to answer any questions you might have.

mrssunshinexxx · 29/08/2018 12:10

Thank you

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Toofle · 29/08/2018 14:23

This app is in the news today because a lot of women have got pregnant while using it.

Findlay6 · 17/09/2018 18:05

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farfallarocks · 17/09/2018 18:08

Worked for me for 3 years but we also use the withdrawal method all month. Bit messy but hate conforms and I’m done with hormones. Until I can convince Dh to get the snip anyway!

furtile · 27/09/2018 07:17

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