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Missed Yasmin pill

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RosemaryLemonxx · 16/08/2018 20:20

Sorry if this is in the wrong category.
So basically I'm a single mum, and I have a nice rare break on a Friday and ended up sleeping with my friend (I know silly me..). This was on day 2 of new pill pack. Didn't think anything of it as always take my pill. Then forgot to take day 3 pill for over 24 hours. I'm probably being silly but have had awful period pains and just feeling tired and awful!? It's unlikely I could be pregnant???

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RosemaryLemonxx · 16/08/2018 20:21


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AngelsAckiz · 16/08/2018 20:24

Do you know what cycle day you are?

RosemaryLemonxx · 16/08/2018 20:26

Do you mean which number pill? I'm on 14

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NC4Now · 16/08/2018 20:27

I’ve not been on Yasmin for about 18 months, but I was rubbish with it. I think if you took them all properly last month you are ok to miss 2 but you need to keep taking them now.
You can ask a nurse for advice on 111.

RosemaryLemonxx · 16/08/2018 20:29

And also day 8 I was sick (due to having a few too many drinks- although that many wouldn't normally make me that ill) Confused

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RosemaryLemonxx · 16/08/2018 21:16

Gosh I have awful cramps. But maybe I'm just thinking about them more than usual because I'm worried

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